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Minnie Harrison

Fully Materialised Ectoplasmic Person

Photograph 3

Taken February 1948, in a subdued red light with a 'superfast' film and exposure time of two minutes.

This is my Aunt Agg and as you can see, she stood perfectly still. The man to the left is my father, one of the sitters, and you can see from the double exposure that he actually moved during the two minutes. Also during the exposure time we heard my mother moving on her chair behind the curtain. Aunt Agg then told us during her five or six minutes stay afterwards, that Mam had been 'suspended' in the opposite corner of the room looking down at Aunt Agg and had been trying to reach her - hence the movement.

"She added that after the Circle, Mam would probably recall this experience - and she did just that, during supper, when she suddenly said - 'Oh, I saw our Agg tonight, standing here by the fireplace' - pointing to the exact place.

"'I was up there in that corner' she added, without any prompting from us, and pointed to the opposite corner which Aunt Agg had indicated previously. 'She looked just as she always was - it was lovely!' This had been a unique experience for my mother and she had obviously enjoyed it.

"You will observe differences in the texture of the Ectoplasm e.g. the face, the upper part of the robe, and the lower part which is similar to Photograph 1. I usually moved across the room to greet our Spirit friends and can assure you that the hands and faces were exactly the same as human flesh - quite smooth and warm. All our visitors who shared this wonderful experience of embracing their loved ones always confirmed the naturalness of the Materialised Spirits nothing distasteful and certainly nothing to be afraid of."

Extract taken from Thomas Harrison's Visits By Our Friends from "The Other Side" (Saturday Night Press Publications, 1989)




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