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Minnie Harrison

Manipulation of Trumpet by means of Ectoplasmic Rod

Photograph 2

Taken December 1948, in complete darkness with a Kodak Infra-red plate.

"This shows the 'mechanics' of Trumpet Voice phenomena on a cantilever principle. The ectoplasmic 'rod', so solid that you can clearly see the shadow behind it, emanates from the medium's mouth (as in Photograph 1) and although the Spirit people make use of the medium's voice box whilst she is in deep trance, their voices are all quite different - as they were when here on the Earth.

"The other end of the 'rod' is attached to the smaller end of the trumpet, thus enabling the Spirit people to move it around the room in mid-air. When they were speaking through the trumpet it was usually 'suspended', perfectly still, about five feet from the floor in the centre of the Circle - from which position we could normally hear their voices quite clearly. But when we had a visitor who was rather hard of hearing, the trumpet would be moved closer to that person. Another indication of the ever present awareness of our Spirit friends!"

Extract taken from Thomas Harrison's Visits By Our Friends from "The Other Side" (Saturday Night Press Publications, 1989)




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