Having tried the hypothesis of telepathy from the living for several years I have no hesitation in affirming with the most absolute assurance that the 'spirit' hypothesis is justified by its fruits and the other hypothesis is not. Richard Hodgson

Duke Experiments
  ESP is a Psychological Phenomenon

William James
On the Theory of the Soul

Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections to the Doctrine

Raynor C. Johnson
The Complex Structure of Man

Arthur Koestler
The ABC of ESP
The Perversity of Physics
The Country of the Blind

Oliver Lodge
The Mode of Future Existence
The Mechanism of Survival

Rory Macquisten
A New Theory on the Creation of the Universe
A Summary of Ronald Pearson's Theory

Henry Margenau
ESP in the Framework of Modern Science

Ronald Pearson
Survival Physics
An Interview with Ron Pearson
Participate in an Extraordinary Psychic Experiment
Theoretical Physics Backs Survival
Updating Newton

Intelligence Behind the Universe (book, 13 chapters)
Origin of Mind (booklet, 9 chapters)
Quantum Gravitation: The Key to Consciousness (booklet, 6 chapters)
Consciousness as a Sub-Quantum Phenomena

Harry Price
Can we Explain the Poltergeist?



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