"I am absolutely convinced of the fact that those who once lived on earth can and do communicate with us. It is hardly possible to convey to the inexperienced an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence." William Barrett

Lydia Allison
• The American Society for Psychical Research

Carlos Alvarado
• The Concept of Survival of Bodily Death and the Development of Parapsychology
• Ernesto Bozzano on the Phenomena of Bilocation
• Reflections on Being a Parapsychologist (full version: 146k)
    12-part version of "Reflections on Being a Parapsychology
    1.  Abstract and Introduction
   2.  Parapsychologists and their Accomplishments
   3.  Personnel in Parapsychology
   4.  The Variety of Members in Parapsychology
    5.  Education and Training in Parapsychology
    6.  How Does it Feel to be a Parapsychologist?
    7.  Why are we in Parapsychology?
    8.  Approaches to Parapsychology
    9.  Legitimation Strategies of Parapsychologists
   10. When Parapsychologists Harm Their Cause
   11. Concluding Remarks
   12. References

Harold Anson
• Technique of a Sιance
• Physical Phenomena
• What is Survival?

W. W. Baggally
• Sittings with Francesco Carancini

John Logie Baird
• Finger-prints of a Materialisation

Arthur Balfour
• Presidential Address to the Society for Psychical Research
• Science and Theology
• Darwin
• M. Bergson

G. C. Barnard
• Hypnotism
• Personality and the Unconscious Mind
• Materializations
• Ideoplasticity
• Mediumship and its Investigation
• Cryptaesthesia
• The Survival of the Personality

• Science and the Supernormal

William Barrett
• Eusapia Palladino
• Human Personality: The Subliminal Self
• Psychology of Trance Phenomena
• Some Reminiscences of Fifty Years' Psychical Research
• Suggestions for Investigators in Conducting Psychical Experiments
• Automatic Writing: The Evidence for Identity

• Further Evidence of Survival After Death
• Evidence of Identity in the Discarnate
• Evidence from Abroad of Survival: Automatic Writing
• Apparitions
• Proof of Supernormal Messages: The Ouija Board
• Science and Superstition
• The Society for Psychical Research - Human Personality
• Automatic Writing and Survival After Death

Paul Beard
• Difficulties in Personal Evidence

Alan and Diana Bennett
• Reflections on The Scole Experiment

Theodore Besterman
• How Psychical Research is Done

Stephen Braude
• Survival or Super-psi
• Survival or Super-psi? A Response to Montague Keen and Prof. Peter Wadhams
• A Further Response to Montague Keen
• Drop-in Communicators
• Out of Body Experiences and Survival After Death
• Book Review of Trevor H. Hall's "The Enigma of Daniel D. Home"

C. D. Broad
• The Relevance of Psychical Research to Philosophy
• Henry Sidgwick and Psychical Research
• Normal Cognition, Clairvoyance and Telepathy
• Empirical Arguments for Human Survival

• Human Personality and the Question of its Survival of Bodily Death
• Summing Up the Case for Psychical Research
• Saltmarsh's Investigation of Mrs Warren Elliott's Mediumship

William Brown
• Personality and Psychical Research (Part I)
• Personality and Psychical Research (Part II)
• Personality and Survival of Bodily Death
• Verbatim Report of a Sitting with Mrs. Osbourne Leonard

Whately Carington
• The Problem of Survival
• Psychology in General

Hereward Carrington
• The Methods of Fraudulent Materialisation Mediums - Part 1
• The Methods of Fraudulent Materialisation Mediums - Part 2

• Genuine Telekinetic Phenomena

Chris Carter
• Does Consciousness depend on the Brain?

• Rebuttal to Keith Augustine's attack of "Does Consciousness depend on the Brain?"

Mireille Cifali
• The Making of Martian: The Creation of an Imaginary Language

John E. Coover
• Metapsychics and the Incredulity of Psychologists: Psychical Research Before 1927

W. J. Crawford
• Contact Phenomena
• Direct-Voice Phenomena
• 24 Questions and Answers on Experiments in Psychical Science

Geraldine Cummins
• My Personal Background
• The Lines of Communication

John Dale
Spiritualism at the Palace

H. A. Dallas
• Is Spiritualism Dangerous?
• "Wherein Lie the Dangers [of Spiritualism]?"

Eric Dingwall
• The Need for Responsibility in Parapsychology: My Sixty Years in Psychical Research

Eric Dingwall and John Langdon-Davies
• Mental Mediums and Survival

• Your Own "Supernatural" Experiences

Arthur Conan Doyle
• The Career of Daniel D. Home
• The Career of Eusapia Palladino
• Henry Slade and Dr. Monck
• Great Mediums from 1870 to 1900: Charles H. Foster, Madame d'Esperance, William Eglinton, Stainton Moses
• Some Great Modern Mediums

• Spiritualism and the First World War
• The Society for Psychical Research: A Criticism

Hans Driesch
• The Possibility of Deception in Psychical Research
• The Forms of Possible Deception in Psychical Research
• Possibilities of Deception in Spontaneous Observation
• Possibilities of Deception in Anticipatory Observation
• Precautions in Experiment
• Inadequate Precautions
• Exaggerated Suspiciousness

C. J. Ducasse
• Physical Phenomena in Psychical Research

Harry Edwards
• Materialised Forms of Jack Webber

Jan Ehrenwald
• Survival of Death

Arthur Ellison
• What is it like after Death?

Esalen Survival After Bodily Death Conference Archive
• Survival After Bodily Death Conferences 1998-2009

Duke Experimenters
• Introduction: Relations and Evidence
• General Relations of ESP to the Individual Subject Research
• Test Conditions that Affect Performance
• Physical Relations of ESP
• ESP is a Psychological Phenomenon

Everard Feilding
• The Case of Abbι Vachθre

• Sittings with Christopher Chambers
• Can Psychical Research Contribute to Religious Apologetics?

Arthur Findlay
• 188 Facts Given at two Consecutive Sittings

Cammille Flammarion
• Manifestations of the Dead in Spiritistic Experiments

Arthur Ford
• How I Broke Houdini's Code

Robin Foy
• What the Scole Experiment Meant to Me

Gustave Geley
• Introduction to the Practical Study of Mediumship
• Experimental Demonstrations by Dr. von Schrenck Notzing
• Pseudo-Materialisations and Pseudo-Mediums
• Similarity of Experiments at the General Institute of Psychology and those at the International Metapsychic Institute

E. B. Gibbes
• "Controls" as Separate Entities

Will Goldston
• Helen Duncan Confounds the Magicians

Margaret Lillian Hamilton
• An Introduction to the Researches of Dr. T. Glen Hamilton
• The Predictions. The Scripts of 1931 and 1932. The Trance Drawing of 1933
• The Henry Gratton Scripts of 1942
• The R.L.S. Scripts of 1942-1944
• The Skylark
• The Stead Scripts of 1942-1943
• The T. Glen Hamilton Scripts of 1943-1944

C. E. M. Hansel
• Is ESP a Fact?

Hornell Hart
• Dodds and Murphy versus Drayton Thomas
• Survival Versus Super-psi

• Can Consciousness Survive Destruction of the Brain?
• What is it that Survives?

• What Could Life Beyond Death be Like?
• Apparitions and Survival

Renιe Haynes
• A New Interpretation of Psi Phenomena
• The Evil Eye

Gerald Heard
• Science and Psychical Research

Rosalind Heywood
• Background to Psychical Research
• Foundation of the Society for Psychical Research
• Does Man Survive Death?
• Mediumship - Mrs Piper
• Cross-correspondences (1)
• Cross-correspondences (2)
• The Willet Scripts
• Patience Worth
• Mediumship - Mrs Leonard (1)
• Mediumship - Mrs Leonard (2)

• The Impact of Psi

J. Arthur Hill
• A Future Life
• Psychical Research
• History of the Belief in Survival
• The Nature of a Future Life
• Popular Sentiment Regarding Immortality
• Examples of Sentiment Regarding Survival
• Automatic Writing: The Case of Mrs Curtis
• Automatic Writing: The Case of Dr Thornton, etc

Charles Hope
Physical Mediumship

Thomson Jay Hudson
The Phenomena of Spiritism

James Hyslop
• History of the Piper Case
• Incidents from the English Report
• Dr Hodgson's First Report
• Dr Hodgson's Second Report

• Theoretical Difficulties of a Future Life
• General Questions and Values of a Future Life

William James
• What Psychical Research has Accomplished
• On Mediumship
• Hypnotism
• The Scope of Psychology
• On the Theory of the Soul
• Human Immortality: Two Supposed Objections to the Doctrine
• The Final Impressions of a Psychical Researcher

Raynor C. Johnson
• Telepathy and Clairvoyance
• Apparitions and Hauntings
• Experience outside the Body
• Materialisation, Psycho-kinesis and Poltergeist Phenomena
• The Complex Structure of Man
• Survival of Death: The Problem

Carl G. Jung
• Theodore Flournoy

Montague Keen
• The Scole Investigation: A Study in Critical Analysis of Paranormal Physical Phenomena
• What will the Critics Accept as Evidence?
• Physical Phenomena at the David Thompson sιance of October 25th 2003
• Super-psi or Survival? A Response to Prof. Stephen Braude
• A Further Response to Prof. Stephen Braude
• The Ultimate Psychic Challenge - A Challenge to James Randi
• A Further Response to James Randi

M. Kelly
• What is Proof of Personality and its Persistence in this Life?

Arthur Koestler
• The ABC of ESP
• The Perversity of Physics
• The Country of the Blind

Cosmo Lang
• The Church of England Investigates Mediumship

Oliver Lodge
• In Memory of Prof. Frederic W. H. Myers
• On the Subliminal Self and on the Book Human Personality
• Psychic Science
• The Mode of Future Existence
• What Science Means For Man
• The Possibility of Survival from a Scientific Point of View
• The Mechanism of Survival
• Problems Raised by the Idea of Survival
• On the Asserted Difficulty of the Spiritualistic Hypothesis from a Scientific Point of View

• A Summary of Dr. Hodgson's Report
• An Introduction to the Study of Cross-Correspondences
• Do We Survive?

Cesare Lombroso
• Mediums and Magicians in Savage Tribes
• Belief in Spirits among Savages and Ancient Peoples

Rory Macquisten
• A New Theory on the Creation of the Universe
• A Summary of Ronald Pearson's Theory

Henry Margenau
• ESP in the Framework of Modern Science

Frederick Marion
• A Quartette of Mysteries
• On Trial in England
• Experiments in Criminology

Florence Marryat
• The Mediumship of Katie Cook

• The Mediumship of Miss Showers

Charles McCreery
• Basil Shackleton
• Attempts at an Explanation of the Basil Shackleton Experiments

• The Psychology of ESP

William McDougall
• Alternating Personalities
• Coexisting or Coconscious Personalities
• Trance Personalities
• Theory of Personality and of its Disintegration
• Integration and Disintegration from the Point of View of Consciousness

Barbara McKenzie
• Bertha Harris: A Famous British Medium
• Retirement of Miss Francis

E. Garth Moore
• Christianity and Psychical Research

Enrico Morselli
• Mediumship and Conjuring (in Connection with Eusapia Paladino)

Anita Muhl
• Automatic Writing

Gardner Murphy
• Reflection and Comment (on Abnormal Psychology)

F. W. H. Myers
• Science and a Future Life
• Introduction to "Human Personality"
• Phantasms of the Dead
• Motor Automatism
• Trance, Possession and Ecstasy

Simon Newcomb
• Modern Occultism

Baron von Schrenck Notzing
• The Rumination Hypothesis
• Expert Opinion on the Fraudulent use of Certain Materials in Producing Teleplasmic Images
• Front Page Illustrations from the Journal Le Miroir

Konstantin Oesterriech
• Mrs Piper and Psychometry
• Cross-Correspondences

Arthur Oram
• Studying the Evidence for Survival
• A Discussion on the Evidence for Survival

Eugene Osty
• Errors Originating with the Experimenter

I. M. Palmarini
• An Interview with Enrico Morselli on Mediumistic Researchers

Ronald Pearsall
• Collective Hallucinations

Frank Podmore
• Mesmer and his Disciples
• The Second French Commission
• Spiritualism in France before 1848
• The German Somnambules
• The English Mesmerists
• Science and Superstition
• General Survey of the [Spiritualist] Movement

• Daniel Dunglas Home
• Was there Hallucination [in the D. D. Home Sittings]?

J. G. Pratt
• Does Mind Survive Death?

• Mind on the Rampage? The Seaford Poltergeist
• Psychokinesis in the Laboratory
• Parapsychology: The Revolution Spreads

Harry Price
• 'A Fit Subject of University Study and Research'
• The First Psychic Laboratory
• Broadcasting the Occult
• The Law and the Medium
• Psychic Practitioners (Regulation) Bill
• The Story of ESP
• The Mechanics of Spiritualism
• Poltergeist Mediums

• Can we Explain the Poltergeist?
• 'Margery' - The Psychic Riddle of the Twentieth Century
• Stella C
• The Materialisation of 'Rosalie'

H. H. Price
• Psychical Research and Human Personality

Leslie Price
• The Most Famous Medium in History

Morton Prince
• The Unconscious

Julien Proskauer
• How to Become a [Fraudulent] Spirit Medium

Fr. Rιginald-Omez
• Psychical Research and Religion: Two Clearly Demarcated Fields

Walter Franklin Prince
• The Doris Case of Multiple Personality
• Noted Witnesses to Psychic Occurrences: Men of Science

Dean Radin
• A Field Guide to Skepticism

J. B. Rhine
• The Start of the Duke Experiments
• The First Serious Criticism (of the Duke Experiments)

• ESP from the Viewpoint of General Parapsychology
• Some General Biological Considerations

Charles Richet
• Various Reflections on the Sixth Sense
• General Conclusions on the Sixth Sense

• Mediums and Metapsychics

Barry Robbins
• Mental Magic - Telepathy and Clairvoyance by Trickery

Scott D. Rogo
• Some Personal Thoughts on Survival

• Spontaneous Contact with the Dead
• The Case of James Kidd
• The Foundations of Survival Research
• Apparitions and the Case for Survival
• Mediumship and the Case for Survival
• Cross-correspondences
• New Developments in Research on Mediumship

Mrs W. H. Salter

H. F. Saltmarsh
• A Summary and Discussion of the Cross-Correspondences

• Three Simple Cross-Correspondence Experiments
• The Plan Behind the Cross-Correspondences

Carl Sargent and Hans Eysenck
• Is there Life Beyond Death?
• Psi, Science and the Future

John Samson
• The Discovered Country: A Personal View of the After-life Evidence

Gary Schwartz
• A Call for Balanced Evidence-Based Scepticism

Sonu Shamdasani
• Encountering Hιlθne: Thιodore Flournoy and the Genesis of Subliminal Psychology

Hester Travers Smith
• Mediumship and the Mental Sensations of the Medium
• The Communicator - Evidence for Survival

Ian Stevenson
• Thoughts on the Decline of Major Paranormal Phenomena

Ingo Swan
• The ESP Experience and the ESP Impact

Paul Tabori and Phyllis Raphael
• Sex and the Occult

Charles Drayton Thomas
• The Sleep of Death and the Awakening to Greater Life

J. Arthur Thompson
• Is Telepathy a Fact?
• What Lies Behind Clairvoyance?
• How Explain Crystal-Gazing?
• Science and Modern Thought

Robert Thouless
• The Experimental Study of Survival
• The Problem of the Reality of ESP
• The Critics of ESP
• The Pattern of ESP
• The Beginnings of Psychical Research
• Anecdote and Experiment

• Can the Experimenter be Trusted?

A. F. Tredgold
• Idiot Savants

Michael E. Tymn
• Mediumship: Fraud, Telepathy or Survival?

G. N. M. Tyrrell
• Alternatives to Discarnate Theory
• Attitude to Psychical Research. Part 1
• Attitude to Psychical Research. Part 2
• What is Psychical Research?
• What is Science?
• The Significance of the Whole
• The Subliminal Self and the Unconscious
• Psychical Research and Religion
• Is there Anything Besides Fraud in the Physical Sιance Room?
• The Case of Patience Worth: An Outstanding Product of Automatic Writing
• Mrs Willet: Communications Ostensibly Proceeding from the Dead
• What is Science? The Opposition Between Science and Rationalism
• Alternatives to the Discarnate Theory: What the Rejection of the Discarnate Theory Implies
• Discarnate Agency: More Evidence on the Discarnate Problem
• Trance Personalities
• Sense-Imagery
• Modus Operandi of the Mediumistic Trance
• The Boundary of the World of Sense
• The Movement of Modern Spiritualism

Peter Wadhams
• Survival or Super-psi? A response to Prof. Stephen Braude

Alfred Russel Wallace
• An Answer to the Arguments of Hume and others against Miracles
• Are the Phenomena of Spiritualism in Harmony with Science?
• Wallace writes to the Scientific Press
• Notes of Personal Evidence
• On the Attitude of Men of Science towards Spiritualism
• Spiritualism and Science
• What are Phantasms? And Why do they Appear?
• The Opposition to Hypnotism and Psychical Research

Wesley R. Wells
• Waking Hypnosis

Thorstein Wereide
• The Trance Phenomena of Mrs Ingeborg

Donald West
• Sιance-Room Phenomena
• The Psychology of Mediumship


• The Enigma of Daniel D. Home by Trevor Hall
Reviewed by Stephen Braude

• Archives of the Mind by Archie Roy
Reviewed by David Lorimer

• Mesmerism and Christian Science by Frank Podmore
Reviewed by T. W. Mitchell

• Miracles and Modern Spiritualism by Alfred Russel Wallace
• The Afterlife Experiments by Prof. Gary Schwartz
• Voices in the Dark by Leslie Flint
Reviewed by Michael E. Tymn


Bernard Carr
• From the SPR
• Response to SPR Critics

David Fontana
• Unfounded Allegations of Fraud at Scole
• Putting the Records Straight

Montague Keen
• No Evidence of Fraud at Scole
• Why is the Ark Review hostile to the Scole Report?
• Survival and the SPR

Ronald Pearson
• Does the SPR have a Corporate Policy?
• Is the SPR Serious about being Even-Handed?
• Letter to Psychic News
• Rejection letter from The Journal of Consciousness Studies

John Poynton
• A response to Victor Zammit

Dean Radin, Michael Rossman and Brian Josephson
• Letters to a Prestigious Science Journal

John Samson
• Is there a Widening Division between Parapsychologists and Survivalists in the SPR?
• Is the SPR serious about Survival?
• Reply to Michael Roll's Open Letter


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