Tips For Advanced Searches
 To Search For: Description: Example:
•  Exact phrases Put a phrase in quotation marks to search for pages that only include the specified phrase. "parapsychology research"
•  Several phrases/words Put AND in between words or phrases to locate pages only containing all those words or phrases.  psychic AND super-psi AND "psychical research"
•  Phrases/words omitting other phrases/words Place NOT in front of a word or phrase to omit pages containing those words. "Frederic Myers" NOT Human Personality
•  Phrases/words including other phrases/words You can add OR to give higher rankings to pages that contain the specified word over that pages that don't, but at the same time stating that it is not required  dissociation OR multiple personality
•  Partial phrases/words Use the "wild card" to search for a partial match of the word or phrase. Pages containing words that begin with the wild card term and contain the other words/phrases are shown in the results.  survival*



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