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Minnie Harrison

Ectoplasm Emanating from Medium's Mouth

Photograph 1

Taken December 1948, in complete darkness, with a Kodak Infra-red plate.

"My mother is in deep trance sitting on a chair in the corner of the room, which, with the black curtain seen in Photograph 3 formed the very simple cabinet which assisted the 'building process' of the materialised spirit people. The ectoplasm is emanating from her mouth and in this form it is quite transparent, very similar in appearance and texture to chiffon.

"I must admit that when my mother first saw this photograph she was rather taken aback and somewhat queasy to think that this was happening to her whilst she was 'asleep'. But it did not deter her from sitting for many years to come - thus giving so much joy and pleasure to so many people, both here and in the Spirit World.

"This photograph in particular clearly illustrates how much the medium places herself in the hands of the sitters and the paramount need for protection at such times. This I cannot stress too often."

Extract taken from Thomas Harrison's Visits By Our Friends from "The Other Side" (Saturday Night Press Publications, 1989)


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