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Minnie Harrison

Collection of Apports

Photograph 4

A few examples of the hundreds of Apports we received at our Saturday night sittings. In our early sittings they were usually found in the room after we closed - small flowers having been dropped on to our knees and larger flowers often found on the hearth. Later, when we had full Materialised Spirit people (as in photograph 3) the Apports were frequently handed to the recipient by the Materialised Spirits themselves.

"These examples, together with some others, are still in my possession, and these are recent photographs taken specifically for this publication by Alan Harrison, one of my sons.

"In the plastic envelopes are dried roses and carnations with three metallic items

"(i) A Spiritualist Lyceum lapel badge with the picture of the founder Andrew Jackson Davis. This was brought by an old pioneer of the Middlesbrough Lyceum - Mr. Chas Roeder when he materialised at our Children's Party sitting on 3rd January 1948.

"(ii) A Royal Artillery uniform button brought during our "Soldiers' Night" sitting on 8th November, 1947 which was the nearest Saturday to Armistice Day. We always paid our respects by holding such a sitting at this time each year, when the majority of our Spirit visitors were servicemen from both World Wars.

"On this particular night one of them was a youngster whom my father had befriended at Ypres - Billy Earle. My father felt so emotionally moved by his tragic death at the age of 17, he decided when I was born in 1918 to remember young Billy by adding William to the family name of Thomas - hence my name of Thomas William.

"(iii) A damaged Queen Victoria penny dated 1864, 'apported' one Saturday evening from a box of old coins which I kept in a drawer at home, about half a mile away. I still have the box with all the other coins in it."

Extract taken from Thomas Harrison's Visits By Our Friends from "The Other Side" (Saturday Night Press Publications, 1989)


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