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Prof. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing

with Eva Carriere, materialisation medium

Photograph 4

Here are four micro-photographs of Eva's hair (first and third from the top) and "Estelle's" hair (second and fourth from the top). 

(Note: Eva was the medium and "Estelle" was a materialisation. See photograph 2)

Prof. Schrenck-Notzing said "While Eva's hair showed altogether a brunette character, the hair taken from the small head ("Estelle") was light blonde. This impression is completely corroborated by the chemical examination and mircrophotography of the samples of hair of Eva and "Estelle" (the name by which the medium denotes the face photographed), which was made by Dr Steiner in Munich". He goes on to conclude, "It is therefore probable that both samples of hair belong to different individuals." ("Phenomena of Materialisations" Shrenck-Notzing, pg.133)


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