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Prof. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing

with Eva Carriere, materialisation medium

Photograph 3

Taken by Prof. Schrenck-Notzing on 8th May 1912, these two photographs show a remarkable half-finished ectoplasmic structure arrested in its development. (Note: the second photograph is a close-up of the first).

Those present include Mme Bisson, Prof Schrenck-Notzing and his wife.

Prof. Schrenck-Notzing said about these photographs; "The surface of the formation is covered by numerous folds, holes, and creases, while the lower half appears to consist of several broadcloth or paper bands unfolded, placed one upon the other, and organically joined and felted up with a veiling material. A crumpled mask, such as can be bought, would have a more complete appearance, and would hardly be organically connected with cloth fragments and veils, as is the case with the present structure." ("Phenomena of Materialisations" Shrenck-Notzing, pg.159)


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