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Prof. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing

with Eva Carriere, materialisation medium

Photograph 5

This experiment was held on 1st June 1912 with Mme. Bisson and Prof. Schrenck-Notzing present.

Below are two remarkable materialisation photographs of Alexandre Bisson - the husband of Mme. Bisson - and the entity named "Berthe".

Prof. Schrenck-Notzing gave a very interesting account of this experiment in his book Phenomena of Materialisations. A section of it reads (pg.165) - "In spite of the three flash-light exposures, the phenomena continued. The structure now appeared on the left shoulder. Eva illuminated it first with the red and then with the white electric torch, but the image, in which I distinctly perceived a male bearded face, with a high forehead, would not suffer the light, and disappeared behind the back of Eva's chair towards the back of the cabinet, without Eva having changed the position of her hands. Since I had closely followed the image from the shoulder, I did not let it go out of sight, but rose and put my head deep into the cabinet, bending over Eva as she sat quietly, and keeping the curtain closed under my chin. In this way a ray of light passed over my head, through the top of the curtain, on to the back of the cabinet, without disturbing the medium. The male face then stood facing me like a male portrait in life-size, fixed on the back wall, remained for about six seconds, and then revolved about its own axis flat on the wall, the upper part of the face falling down, and finally disappeared towards the floor behind the medium's back. During this whole observation Eva's body was motionless, and under my observation. The image was entirely separated from her. Its motion and disappearance appeared to be under the control of an unseen power".


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