Dr. T. Glen Hamilton

Intention and Survival
Publisher: MacMillian
Published: 1942
Pages: 216

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 - Margaret L. Hamilton M.A. -

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          THIS book is a report of the highlights of nearly fourteen years of intensive research and study of various kinds of psychic phenomena - telekinesis, deep-trance, automatic writings, and materialized forms. This research was conducted by the late Dr. T. Glen Hamilton of Winnipeg, Canada, aided by a devoted group of friends. He was contemplating a book which was to have been based on his original notes and papers, and was to have included many of the photographs, when he died suddenly at age 61, in 1935. His widow, Lillian, and his younger son, James Drummond Hamilton (B.Sc.(Man.), M.A.(Tor.)) completed the manuscript. In 1942 MacMillan's of Canada published a limited edition, entitled Intention and Survival.

Dr. Hamilton's careful, cautious and sceptical approach is immediately apparent. The book is a closely knit technical record showing that certain facts emerged. These are presented simply as facts; Dr. Hamilton studiously avoided dogmatizing about their significance. He also made it quite clear that all the phenomena came unsought; and that they could, in no way, be considered the product of the group's or the mediums' deliberate thoughts or efforts.

The book gives unemotional and technical descriptions of those materialization phenomena which demonstrate objectivity, and by so doing, offer a case for their reality. The photographed teleplasmic likenesses of persons known to be dead are not designed to depict or to convey any impressions of the conditions or the nature of a life after death. Such plasms appear to demonstrate the ability of the trance personalities to suggest by implication their major intention - the establishment of the concept of a life beyond death.

The editor, Margaret Lillian Hamilton, is the oldest child, and only daughter of the late Dr. and Mrs. T. Glen Hamilton, of Winnipeg. Her brother, Glen F. Hamilton, practices medicine in Winnipeg, and her younger brother, James D. Hamilton, is a medical doctor in the city of Montreal.

Holding a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, and Diplomas in Piano and Voice from the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, she has had an extensive career as professional solo pianist and concert accompanist. Married in 1934, she has two daughters, and is now a grandmother.

Actively engaged in teaching and lecturing in music for the past twenty years, she has adjudicated at many Music Festivals, and has examined at many centres in central Canada, for the Western Board of Music.

In her undergraduate days she was secretary for many of her father's experiments. She has given many lectures on the Hamilton researches, and has contributed articles to Psychic News, Two Worlds, the Winnipeg Free Press and the Toronto Daily Star. In 1969 her first book, dealing with certain hitherto unreported deep-trance automatic writings, was published by Psychic Press. This slender book Is Survival a Fact? (with a foreword by Maurice Barbanell) has had a slow but steady sale in England, Canada and the U.S. As it contains many references to the earlier Hamilton book Intention and Survival, readers sent many inquiries as to the availability of the earlier work. Obviously a second edition of Intention and Survival was called for. After consulting her brother James Drummond, she assembled all the material necessary for a second printing.

This task has been a labour of love, with the full concurrence of her brothers.



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