"Intention and Survival" by T. Glen Hamilton

Intention and Survival

Dr. T. Glen Hamilton

Publisher: MacMillian Co.

Published: 1977 (Second edition)

Pages: 216

Availability: Out of Print

Introduction to the Second Edition by M. L. Hamilton

Foreword to the First Edition by H. A. V. Green, K.C.

Introduction from Back Cover by M. L. Hamilton.

1. The Background of Metapsychics

2. General

3. Group Mediumship

4. Unorganised and Imitative Teleplasms

5. Purposive and Utilitarian Teleplasms

6. The Group of Miniature Spurgeon Faces

7. The W. E. G. and Raymond Teleplasms

8. The "Doyle" Face Miniatures

9. Teleplasms Distant from the Medium

10. The "Lucy" Teleplasm

11. Teleplasms related to the "John" and "Katie King" trance personalities

12. The Spiritistic Hypothesis

13. The Mediumship of Elizabeth M.

14. The "R. L. S." Communications

15. The "David Livingstone" and "W. T. Stead" Communications

16. Conclusion and Postscript

Glossary of Terms


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