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Eva C (Marthe Béraud)

Famous French materialisation medium, known also as Marthe Béraud from the period of Charles Richet's experiments at the Villa Carmen in Algiers. She was the daughter of an officer and was the fiancée of General Noel's son, Maurice, who died in the Congo before the marriage could take place. Her remarkable psychic powers were discovered by the General and his wife. Investigated extensively by Charles Richet, Baron von Schrenck Notzing, Mme Bisson and Gustave Geley during the early 20th Century.

Full list of Eva C images

All photographs taken from Phenomena of Materialisation by Baron von Schrenck-Notzing (1920, Kegan Paul, Trench & Co. Ltd, London). Most important images in bold.

Fig 19: Author's flashlight photograph of 11 November, 1910. Magnification of portion of Fig. 18.

Fig 22: Drawing after record of sitting of 18 November, 1910.

Fig 26: Drawing after record of sitting of 13 March, 1911.

Fig 95: Mme. Bisson's flashlight photograph of 24 June, 1912.

Fig 103: Author's first photograph of 5 August, 1912.

Fig 108: Author's third flashlight photograph, 5 August, 1912. Enlargement of Fig. 107.

Fig 116: Author's flashlight photograph of 2 November, 1912.

Fig 118: Author's flashlight photograph of 27 November, 1912. Front View.

Fig 119: Side View (enlarged) of Fig. 118. Taken within the cabinet.

Fig 120 and 121: Author's flashlight photograph of 30 November, 1912. Fig 121 (inset): Side view of Fig. 120.

Fig 122: Author's flashlight photograph of 30 November, 1912. Enlargement of Fig. 120.

Fig 136: Mme. Bisson's flashlight photograph of 19 January, 1913.

Fig 138: Mme. Bisson's flashlight photograph of 23 February, 1913. First photograph of an entire phantom, together with nude medium. (retouched).

Fig 140: Mme. Bisson's flashlight photograph, simultaneous with Fig. 138. Whole phantom, with nude medium. (Retouched).

Fig 141: Author's first flashlight photograph of 6 March, 1913 (from above, inside cabinet).

Fig 142: Author's second photograph, 6 March, 1913.

Fig 143: Side view, enlarged, of Fig. 142.

Fig 149: Mme. Bisson's flashlight photograph of 2 May, 1913.

Fig 150: Author's flashlight photograph of 9 May, 1913.

Fig 181: Imitation on gold beaters' skin.

Fig 182: Imitation on chiffon.

Fig 183: Author's photograph of 27 November, 1912, enlarged. (Fig. 119 repeated.)

Fig 184: Top left: See Fig. 183.
Bottom left: Author's attempt to imitate Fig. 183 by exposing the title page of "Miroir" against Eva C.
Top and bottom right: Imitation experiments with title of "Miroir" and portrait of President Poincare, by Dr. Hauberrisser. Photographic conditions the same as at the sittings.

Fig 185: Portrait of Mme. Leconte. Title page of "Miroir", Paris 4 August, 1912.

Fig 186: Author's third photograph, Munich, 5 August, 1912.

Fig 187: Portrait of the Actress Monna Delza, published in "Femina" April, 1912.

Fig 188: Author's flashlight photograph of 30 November, 1912. (Reproduction of Fig. 122).

Fig 189: Left: Phantom photographed in the sitting of 13 February, 1913. (Fig. 140). Right: Portrait of the king of Bulgaria from "Miroir" with white mantle to resemble phantom. Below: King's Head enlarged.

Fig 190: Portrait of M. Deschanel from title page of "Miroir"

Fig 192: Photograph of 2 May, 1912. (Reproduction of Fig. 149).

Fig 193: President Poincare's portrait cut from "Miroir" and photographed by author with Eva, under photographic conditions, as at the sittings.

Fig 194: Photograph taken 6 March, 1913. (Reproduction of Fig. 143).

Fig 195: Top: President Poincare, as published by "Miroir".
Bottom left: Manipulated tie and shirt-front from the phantom (Fig. 194) published by "Matin" 26 December, 1913.
Bottom right: Collar and tie from above portrait, published by "Matin" of 26 December, 1913.

Fig 196: Mme. Bisson's photograph of 19 January, 1913. (Reproduction of Fig. 136).

Fig 197: Right corner: President Wilson's portrait from "Miroir" No. 34, 1912.
Left: The same artistically treated to resemble Fig. 196.

Fig 198: Mme. Bisson's photograph of 7 January, 19.

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