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with Florence Cook, materialisation medium

Photograph 1

This photograph taken by the eminent physicist and chemist Sir William Crookes, using magnesium light, is perhaps the most crucial.

Critics often attempt to explain away materialisations by claiming the medium and the materialised form are the same person, i.e. the medium impersonates different individuals by using an array of costumes, accents, etc. This photograph suggests otherwise. Both the medium and the materialised figure can be seen at the same time - demonstrating they were two separate entities. 

Crookes said in his book Researches into the Phenomena of Modern Spiritualism "... it was a common thing for the seven or eight of us in the laboratory to see Miss Cook and Katie at the same time, under the full blaze of the electric light".

Having entered into a trance state, the medium Florence Cook (left) has slumped from the couch over the arm of the chair. The towering ectoplasm shape behind her is just beginning to compress into a fully materialised form. She called herself "Katie King".


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