News in September 2006

Are Scientists Afraid of Ghosts?
LA Times

The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof - Show 19
Paranormal Podcast

Houdini's Impossible Demonstration

A Voice from the Grave: The Unseen Witness in the Jacqui Poole Murder Case
Maverick House Publishing

Trust in Science at its Lowest
Only a Game blog

Voices From The Great Beyond: EVP MP3s
WFMU blog

Paranormal pilot "meant" for CBS

Seeking the truth behind the things that go bump in the night
NW Enquirer

What the Bleep do we know About Life After Death?
ASPS Conference: Pennsylvania, June 1-4, 2007

James Randi Attacks Sheldrake Research
James Randi

Human Brain Naturally Inclined Towards the Supernatural
Times Online

Everybody is a Psychic
Show Biz and Style

Psychic vs. Skeptical Predictions

James Randi Attacks Brian Josephson
James Randi

Telephone Telepathy - I was just thinking about you

Theories of Telepathy and Afterlife cause Uproar at Top Science Forum
Times Online

Paranormal studies Subverted by the Fool and the Charlatan
Times Online

Vegetative patient 'communicates'

Science Resists the Unknown
Times Online

Did You Think of this Headline Before I Wrote it?
Tech Dirt

Gosh, I was just thinking about you
Times Online

Missing man's family says his spirit contacts them
Daily Sentinel

Dispatches from the War against Psychical Research
Reflecting Light blog

Pitching Woo-Woo: Sceptic objects to Sheldrake lecture
The Tyee

Sheldrake responds to Shannon Rupp
Rupert Sheldrake

Mind Power - An Introduction to Psychics and Mediums
Mysterious People

Who was Evan Harris Walker?
Parapsychological Association

The Amaz!ng Meeting
James Randi

Has CSICOP Lost the 30 Years' War?
Guy Lyon Playfair

The PEAR Proposition: Fact or Fallacy?

Biased and Blinkered Mentality
Dean Radin

How Do You Spot a Bad Scientific Argument?

The Power to Materialise Things
Show Biz and Style

Eileen J. Garrett Library closes until October
Parapsychology Foundation

Early NDEs
Michael Prescott blog

A Psychic Diversion



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