News in October 2006

The Survival of Human Consciousness

Ghost Hunting: Real science has largely been ignored

Can science explain NDEs?
The Australian

Almost Half of Canadians Believe In Ghosts
CNN Matthews

Belief in Paranormal spreading among Americans
ABP News

Harry Price: The Psychic Detective

American Beliefs about the Afterlife

Californian report on Spiritualist Churches and Mediumship

Sleight of Mind
Michael Prescott

New Montague Keen Foundation website online

The Psychic Mafia
Michael Prescott

Geller's X-Files meets the X-Factor
Paranormal Review

Believer Beware
Michael Prescott

Doubt cast over brain 'God spot'

Of Death, Dying and the Possibility of a Hereafter

Maurice Grosse Dies aged 90

Roy Stemman's new website

Psychiatrists Use NDEs to help survivors

Top medium quits saying, ‘I was deluded’
Paranormal Review

Public Parapsychology Blog
Public Parapsychology

NDEs and Spirituality
Bruce Greyson

Psychical Research and the Legacy of John Beloff - SPR Study Day No 51
London: Oct 21

Out-of-Body Experience? Your Brain Is to Blame
NY Times

Scientists Discover the Mystery of Afterlife Visions

Exorcists Call for More Understanding of Paranormal Activity
Total Catholic

José Arigó - Psychic Surgeon and Healer
Mysterious People

2006 North American Conference
Oct 25-28, University of Texas

Occult Claims Clamour for Serious Study
Mercury News

Pets in paradise?
Journal Star

General Scholarly Incentive Award
Parapsychology Foundation

Aspects of the History of Parapsychology
PF Lyceum Blog #14

First recipient of the Eileen Coly Grant for Research
Parapsychology Foundation

First recipient of the Eileen Garrett Library Fellowship
Parapsychology Foundation

The Nature, Incidence and Impact of Paranormal Experiences
Paranormal Survey

Why are Spiritualist Church Attendances Declining?
NSAC. (PDF file: 350k)



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