News in November 2006

"The Afterlife": New BBC America TV programme
NY Sun

Rupert Sheldrake: At the cutting edge of psi research
Paranormal Review

TV can’t get enough of the paranormal
Paranormal Review

Survey shows 'surprising level of paranormal belief'
Paranormal Review

Brain tapped for out-of-body experience
The Australian

52% of Indian's say that Ghosts Exist
Times of India

Out-of-this-world response to online Australian ghost hunt
Yahoo News

Deepak Chopra describes life beyond death
Paranormal Review

Rhine Research Center's Taking Flight Society
Public Parapsychology

Ongoing Research at the Rhine Research Center
Public Parapsychology

Tongues on the Mind
Science Now

Out-of-this-world ghost hunt
Daily Times

Nasty Nina's evil psychic swindle
Sydney Morning Herald

A message from the IANDS President

What if EVP is just multidimensional recordings?
About Paranormal

Post-mortem message from John E. Mack
Montague Keen Foundation

Reasons for my Belief in Life After Death
SPR lecture, London: Dec 7

Researchers, Medical Workers Debate NDEs

Poll: What explains EVP?
About Paranormal

Colin Fry has a Message for us from the Other Side
The Scotsman

Why Smart People Believe Weird Things
The Times and Democrat

43% of Americans Believe that Pets go to Heaven
Courier Journal

Does Telepathy Happen?
SPR lecture, London: Nov 29

Is It Real Science?
Skeptical Investigations

Helen Duncan remembered – but no pardon in sight
Paranormal Review

TV tests Sheldrake's paranormal theories
Paranormal Review

'Remote viewing led to Saddam's capture'
Paranormal Review

Irreducible Mind: Toward a Psychology for the 21st Century
PF Lyceum blog

Psychic led to Saddam?
Gulf Daily News

US researcher who founded spiritualism spent his life in vain

Is the truth out there?
Goup State

Florence Cook and Katie King
Mysterious People

Sylvia Hart Wright to give a PF Lecture
New York: Nov 16

Summing Up Thirty Years of the Skeptical Inquirer

Post-mortem Pacts by Montague Keen

Sense and Nonsense by (and from) Michael Shermer
Skeptical Investigations



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