News in November 2005

Lawyer calls for a World Council for Psi Research
Victor Zammit's website

Zerdin Fellowship website now online
Zerdin Fellowship

New Design for Sci-Med website

Most Haunted Dead?

Online EVP Experiment
EVP website

Living TV to investigate Fraud Claims on Most Haunted
The Mirror

New Lectures at the Scottish SPR
Scottish SPR website

SPR Christmas Book Offer
SPR website. PDF file, 205kb.

Do Sceptics Play Fair? Letter by Rupert Sheldrake
Skeptical Investigations

Borley Rectory Experts writes Intro for Harry Price website

Harry Price Timeline now Online

Ghost hunters utilize latest in technology

12 Things that Science Can't Explain ... But That Happen Anyway

Name Change for The Academy of Religion and Psychical Research
Robert Egby Parapsychic Journal

Rhine Center Researches the Paranormal

The Problem with Media Sceptics, by Rupert Sheldrake
Skeptical Investigations

The Historical Perspective in Parapsychology
Carlos Alvarado Blog

Rolling Out the Red Carpet for the World's Sceptics

"What Happens When We Die?" New Book by Dr. Sam Parnia

Three Organisations looking for NDErs to Share their Stories
Kevin Williams NDE newsletter

God Trails Behind Ghosts in British Beliefs
The Scotsman

Expand 'Remote Viewing' Training for US Military Intelligence Services Now
American Chronicle

Rhine Centre seeks Part-time Administrator
Rhine Research Centre

Sceptics Converge to take on Religion and Morality
NY News Day



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