News in May 2006

Scole Experiment website

Updated edition of "The Scole Experiment"

I'm Still Here: new book on EVP

Online Resources for Parapsychology
PF Lyceum blog

NDEs: Death Becomes You
Michael Prescott blog

An Evening of Mediumship with Gordon Smith
Aldershot, Hampshire: Sept 6

Transformation Survey
Survey Monkey

Testing for Telepathy in Connection with E-mails
Rupert Sheldrake

"I have moved. New address: cemetery. I'm looking forward to visitors"

Allison DuBois on US tour
Allison DuBois

Center for Psychological and Spiritual Healing

Seminars with Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt
Jackie Jones-Hunt

Simon Sherwood wins Scott Rogo Award
Parapsychology Foundation

There's Something (ESP)ecial About Maria Beachcomber
Long Beach Comber

Do Tables Tilt, Turn and Float? PF lecture by Walter Meyer Zu Erpen
Greenport, Long Island: June 1

Radin responds to Amazon critique
Dean Radin Blog

Careers in Psi Research
Dean Radin Blog

Trapped Miner's Wife 'Used Telepathy'

Sleep Aberration May Play Role in Near-Death Experience
Med Page Today

Vital Signs Newsletter

P. M. H. Atwater Criticises recent NDE study
P. M. H. Atwater

Life Goes On: One of the world's most intriguing scientists proves the existence of a soul
Ode Magazine, No. 29

Expanded Version of NDE Research Bibliography on CD-ROM

Interview with Russell Targ

Ghostly Syllabus for New Degree

Psychic Experiences of Children (Rhine lecture)
Durham, NC: July 22

Environmental Sensitivity and Apparitional Experience
Cog Prints

The Second Ibero-American Conference on Critical Thinking
Lima, Peru: Aug 3-5

Psychic Addiction (Rhine lecture)
Durham, NC: May 31

Psychokinesis through the Ages (Rhine lecture)
Durham, NC: May 24

Register for the Parapsychological Association Convention 2006
Stockholm, Sweden: August 4-6

Clairvoyants Dead Wrong

NDEs Online Educational Units

First Notice and Call for SPR Papers
Society for Psychical Research

Problem with the PEAR Project?
James Randi

Critical Thinking: What is it good for?

The Spirit of Dr. Bindelof by Rosemarie Pilkington
Anomalist Books

Is There Life After Death? (Rhine lecture)
Durham, NC: May 17

Are Spirits Real?
Rosemarie Pilkington



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