News in March 2006

EVP/ITC Advances Discussed
The Psychic Times

Fake Psychics Drive Me Insane says Psychic

Making Ghosts of Mysteries

ESP and Memory - How Are They Related? (Rhine lecture)
Durham, NC: April 19

An Interview with Tomiko Ogichi Smith
Durham, NC: April 12

Michael Prescott takes on the Sceptics
Michael Prescott's Blog

Paranormal Happenings During Pregnancy
Fate Magazine

Sam Parnia discusses his latest book
Coast-to-Coast AM

EVP Gallery
About Paranormal

Ben Franklin's Ghost
About Paranormal

Warren Caylor's First Public Physical Sťance

ISARTOP Website Nearly Back Online

Shop Owner undertakes Spirit Search
The Record Herald

Laurie Campbell to Appear in new TV Series
Pam Coronado newsletter

Makers defend Lennon TV 'sťance'

What is "Junk Skepticism"?
Dean Radin Blog

Fox Memorial Parks Takes Shape in Hydesville
Robert Egby Journal, No. 38

NSAC National Heading for Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada, Oct 1-6

Medium Arrested for Assaulting Audience Member

Feb 06 issue of Psypioneer Newsletter Now Out
Vol 2, No. 2

Could We Survive Our Own Deaths?

The G.O.D. Experiments: New book by Gary Schwartz

2006 IRVA Remote Viewing Conference
Las Vega, Nevada: 12-14 May

What Basic Literacy in Parapsychology Can Do For You
Nancy Zingrone, PF Blog

Evidence for Stronger Telepathy Found with Twins
Guy Lyon Playfair

Dr. Heather Wolffram wins Frances P. Bolton Award
Parapsychology Foundation

Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality: Dean Radin's new book

Do you believe in ghosts? If you do, a study found you may be smarter
Diamond Backonline

Mediumship, Spirit Awareness and Developing Your Potential
Arthur Findlay College, May 13

Experimental Trance Week
Arthur Findlay College, June 10-17

Near Death Experiences and the Mystery of Consciousness
Quantum Biocommunication

Paranormal Caused By Entangled Minds, says Dean Radin
Quantum Biocommunication

Study of Paranormal Beliefs Garners National Interest
The Vista Online

After Death - What Do We Know? Two-day Conference
Durham, NC: May 5-6

Research Grants available from ASSAP

Receptionist needed at College of Psychic Studies
College of Psychic Studies

Scott Rogo Collection Published by Anomalist
Anomalist Books

Dean Radin Answers Critic of The Conscious Universe
Dear Radin Blog



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