News in June 2006

Parapsychological Association Convention 2006
Stockholm, Sweden: August 4-6

Swedish Society for Parapsychological Research

Paper about the Continuity of Our Consciousness

'Unorthodox Beliefs Require Replicable Evidence'

Do Psychic Phenomena Need to be Repeated?
Michael Prescott blog

Varsity Investigation of Psychics

The Universe Wants to Play: 12th Anomalist Journal
Anomalist Books

Has String Theory Tied up Better Ideas in Physics?
North West Florida News

Man Claims Psychic Made Off with $170K

Deaths Prompted Psychic Research
Bangor News

Helena Blavatsky: Philosopher or Faker?

Ofcom Upholds Complaints Against Sceptic and National Geographic Commentator
Rupert Sheldrake

Scientists to Research Effects of Spirituality

Ghost Hunters: William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death

New Issue of the European Journal of Parapsychology

The Changing Face of Spiritualism in the US
Robert Egby

Harry Price - Paranormal Pioneer
Ghost! mag

Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Mythology?
Don Watson

Gwen Tate Lecture: Again I come - the enduring mystery of Patience Worth
London: July 13

"We Are Their Heaven" by Allison DuBois
Allison DuBois

Review of Life Before Life by Jim Tucker
Scientific Exploration

The Probability of the Paranormal: A Matter of Personal Whim?
Skeptical Investigations

The G.O.D. Experiments: A Critical Review
Don Watson

A Paranormal Casebook: Ghost Hunting in the New Millennium
PSI Mart

Psychics Lacking any Credibility
Daily Record

Psychics will try to Solve Murder
Las Cruces Sun-News

Tips on How to Predict Psychic Scams

The Mediums are Getting the Message

Books by Harry Price
Harry Price website

Modern Borley Rectory
Harry Price website

National Directory of Psychics (UK)

The History of Spiritualism (and psychical research)

Life in the Spirit World by Bill and Muriel Williams

Casually Evaluating Apparent Evidence
Guy Lyon Playfair

New review of Entangled Minds
The Trades

Britons report 'psychic powers'

4Cell EVP Demonstration

New Momunment to Alfred Russel Wallace in Wales (JPEG)
Alfred Russel Wallace website

Psychic experiences: An appointment with Mary Ellen Pride



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