News in January 2006

Lou Gentile EVP challenge on James Randi website

Ghostly Picture Captured in Lyme Regis, UK?

Icons of the Field Conference
London: March 18-19

Are Materialisations 'Beyond Belief'? Perhaps not, says novelist
Michael Prescott blog
> See also: Living Proof by Tom Harrison

Random Musing Concerning the Spiritually Challenged
Michael E. Tymn article

Trends in Paranormal Studies Conference
New Jersey: June 9-12

Name change for Psychical Research Journal
The Journal of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies

Managing Your Extrasensory Capabilities: Rhine lecture
Rhine Research Center: Feb 4

NASC Website Visitor Count Soars
Robert Egby Journal

Are Psychics for Real?

Biography of Peter Underwood, Author & Ghost-Hunter

How Far Does Your Mind Go? Lecture by Rupert Sheldrake, Feb 21

Presentation by Paul Barker for the Zerdin Fellowship

Book Reviews Wanted on Physical Mediumship Website

Biography of Eugene Osty

Religion Loses Out to Belief in Paranormal
New Scotsman

Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers in Missouri, April 17-20

Official website of Ciaran O'Keeffe

Ghostville Times website

Mind, Body and Soul Seminars with Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt, starting 25th March
Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt's website

Have you had a Psychic Experience?
Dr. Jackie Jones-Hunt's website

"Dawn of the Awakened Mind" by John S. King
David Duffield's website

"Theatre of the Mind: Raising the Curtain on Consciousness"
The Globe and Mail

Conclusion of Richard Dawkins Series: The Virus of Faith, Jan 16th
Channel 4

The Duke Days: Where it all Began for The Rhine Research Center
Rhine Research Center

Harry Price – An Appreciation of his Life and Times
Ghostville Times

Top 10 Paranormal Events of 2005
About Paranormal

16 Signs That Your House is Haunted
About Paranormal

Parapsychological Association Convention 2006
Parapsychological Association

Ghosts 'Exorcised' from Hamlet's Castle
ABC (Jan 09)

Philip J. Klass: The Debunker
New York Times

The Root of All Evil? Richard Dawkins Series on Channel 4 starting Mon 9th Jan, 8pm
Channel 4 Sales

Is It a Ghost I See Before Me - or am I Hallucinating?
Times Online

Halle Berry Image Helps Uncover New Way of Reading Minds
The Guardian

Do You Believe in Miracles?
NY News Day

Can You Communicate with Dead Loved Ones?

Rationalists Campaign Against Witchcraft in Orissa
Web India

20-Question Quiz in latest Psypionner Newsletter
Psypioneer Newsletter, Vol. 1, No. 20. PDF file.

New Biography of Andrew Jackson Davis

Louise Farrell wins Tart Award
Parapsychology Foundation



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