News in February 2006

Who Wants to be a Spiritual Medium?
David Thomspon (PDF, 86k)

CSICOP's 30th Anniversary and Inauguration of the Center for Inquiry
March 31-April 1, Amherst, NY

Lecture: Survival After Death - Some Classic Texts
March 22, Rhine Research Center

Lecture: The Current News on Remote Viewing
March 15, Rhine Research Center

Michael Shermer in the Sceptics' Cage
Skeptical Investigations

Psypioneer Newsletter Changes Hands
Special announcement

New SPR Lecture Programme
SPR website

The Odyssey of a Psychical Investigator: Scott Rogo

NDEs: The Unseen Realm

What defines an apparition and how do you know when you've seen one?

Parapsychology Foundation Mourns the Passing of Martin Ebon
Parapsychology Foundation

James Randi Undergoes Bypass Surgery

Is Science Ready For The Conscious Universe?
Quantum Biocommunication

Is There Life After Death?
E-Media Wire

Call for Parapsychological Papers
Parapsychological Association

Former Atheist to tell how Near-Death Changed Life
Dayton Daily News

Extrasensory Perception: PF Blog #7
PF Lyceum

Psychic Foundation with a Vision
News Days

Beyond the Visible

32% of Americans believe in Paranormal Phenomena

Supernatural Selection

Military Remote Viewing by Guy Lyon Playfair
Skeptical Investigations

Our Newsletter Membership Reaches 500

Full-Length Leslie Flint Direct Voice Recordings
David Duffield's website

How a Séance helped my Grief

Spielberg Dabbles in the Afterlife with New TV Epic

Centre for Inquiry End of Year Report
Center for Inquiry

Well-connected Medium has Message
AZ Central

Borley Rectory in Colour

Ancient Religious Beliefs and Paranormal Phenomena
Rhine lecture: Feb 22

Michael Shermer debates with Schwartz, Targ and Radin
Coast to Coast AM

Why our Next Fortnightly Feature will be our Last

Endorsement of Tina Resch's Spontaneous Telekinesis
James Conrad website

Questions For Skeptics By Skylaire Alfvegren

The Spiritist View of Mental Disorders
Rhine lecture: Feb 15



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