News in December 2006

A Challenge to Randi, part one
Michael Prescott

‘Dream Detective’ puts video evidence on Internet
Paranormal Review

New Directions for Skeptical Inquiry

Neural pathways to enlightenment

Belief in the supernatural originates in childhood
Innovations Report

Rhine Research Center conference: Consciousness Today
Public Parapsychology

Intriguing Evidence of Life After Death

It's CSI Now, Not CSICOP

San Marcos author seeks scientific proof for paranormal in book
NC Times

CSICOP becomes CSI after thirty years

The Haunted Universe by D. Scott Rogo
Anomalist Books

Israeli Psychic Starts Paranormal Fad
SF Gate

The Importance of Paperwork on a Paranormal Investigation
Associated Content

Recalling Arthur Ford
Michael Prescott

Parapsychology Research Centers
Public Parapsychology

Mind over Matter Study
Public Parapsychology

Hypnotized by Scepticism
Michael Prescott

Next issue of The Anomalist
The Anomalist

'Ghost Chicks' investigate paranormal activity
Fort Wayne



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