News in December 2005

Online OBE Survey

Bibliography on Survival of Death (PDF file)

Visit the International Academy of Consciousness website

George Noory interviews Gary Schwartz
Coast-to-Coast AM

The Usefulness of Past Literature in Parapsychology
PF Lyceum Blog No. 10

John Edward on Women's Entertainment this spring

Rupert's Resonance, by Michael Shermer
Scientific American

Aubrey de Grey Debates Immortality
Technology Review

Scole Mediums Heading for Atlanta
Parapsychic Journal No. 35

"Medium" gets Nomination
Parapsychic Journal No. 35

Oxford University Studies EVP Undercover
Parapsychic Journal No. 35

World's Scientists Predict What's Next in Coming 25 Years

Jessica Utts Responds to Ray Hyman's Report
Jessica Utts website

Psychology and Parapsychology: PF Blog No. 5
PF Lycuem

Make your Holiday One-Stop Shop
Psi Mart

Institute for Precognitive Studies
Precog Studies

New Center for Inquiry Research Building Completed
Center for Inquiry

Most Haunted show cleared of deception

After death, what happens next?
The Star

Voyage of the Spirit Cruise with Mediums Gordon Smith, David Wells and Colette-Baron Reid

'Healing Others Through Mediumship' with Gordon Smith

Scottish SPR Publish 2005 Yearbook

Chris Robinson on RadioOutThere.Com

Famous people show-up at Sťance
Zerdin Fellowship

7 D. Scott Rogo books to be reprinted by Anomalist Books
Anomalist Books

Gordon Smith's 5 UK City Theatre Tour

New Book by Gary Schwartz: The Truth About Medium

Allison DuBois disassociates herself from Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz responds to criticisms
Veritas website

Feud Between DuBois and Schwartz results in luke-warm responses on Amazon

The Scientific Aspect of the Supernatural by Alfred Russel Wallace
Charles Smith's website

John Edward's 2005-2006 Schedule of Events

Psychic: More than Myth?
American Chronicle



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