News in August 2006

The Extraordinary Experiences of the Bereaved
PF Lyceum Blog

New MSc Transpersonal Psychology Degree (PDF: 1.9mb)

Hume's battle with extremists is not won yet

Hallucinatory Near-Death Experiences?

NDEs and their enemies
Michael Prescott

Center for Inquiry Launches New Office of Public in Washington
Center for Inquiry

Could My Child Be Psychic?
PF Lyceum Blog

Robert A. McConnell passes way
Parapsychological Association

Is It Real Science?
Skeptical Investigations

Generation X-Files
New Statesman

Reich or Wrong? Nature on the Attack
Prof. Brian Josephson

Richard Dawkins: How a Scientist Changed the way we Think
Anthony Campbell

Local Medium is Living Large
Florida Today

Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder by Richard Dawkins
Anthony Campbell

Meet the Modern Psychic
San Luis Obispo Tribune

What's Going on At Temple University?

Spirit Contact, Mediumship, Awareness, its Unfoldment and Development
Stansted, London: Sep 16-21

Psychics try to Solve Deaths of Oregon Campers

William James and the Search for Scientific Proof of Life After Death
St. Louis Today

Patience Worth - Proof of Reincarnation?
Mysterious People

Are we hard-wired for religion?

Opening Hours for the Eileen J. Garrett Library
Parapsychology Foundation

Stephen Schwartz on Art & Science of Nonlocal Awareness
Durham, NC: Sept 15

Yung-Jong Shiah receives Eileen Garrett Scholarship
Parapsychology Foundation

Searching for Signs of After Life via EVP
Lodi News

Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada
Survival Research Institute of Canada

Brazilian Parapsychology

No Conflict between Religion and the Paranormal?
Show Biz and Style

Psychic healing or pie in sky?
Palm Beach Post

Top Paranormal Experts: A Call for Professionalism
About Paranormal

Review of the Pearce-Pratt ESP tests
Psychic Investigator



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