News in April 2006

Think you've got Psi?
Got Psi

Randi looks for 'cold-reading' in John Edward Readings
James Randi

Clairvoyant Conman Foresees Jail

Army Report on ESP in Animals
The Memory Hole

Masters Degree in the Psychology of Exceptional Human Experiences

IANDS support group has first NC Meeting
Rhine Research Center, Durham: May 23

Interview with Michael Shermer

Universal Passing Over 2006
Universal Passing USA

Kuhnexus Project

Eileen Garrett Library to move to Greenport, Long Island
Parapsychology Foundation

Thalbourne on the Psychology of the Paranormal
Mind Hacks

What is Parapsychology? PF Lyceum Seminar
Greenport, North Fork of Long Island: May 7

The PEAR Proposition DVD
Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab

True Tales of Ghosts and Hauntings lecture by Loyd Auerbach
New York, Manhattan: May 2

Correction in Reporting NDEs
P. M. H. Atwater

The Voice Box

Evidence for Survival from NDEs

Reviews of Survival Books by Rhea White
Exceptional Human Experiences

Wolpert vs Confucius
Skeptical Investigations

Signed copies of famous NDE book
Life After Life

IANDS Conference: 30 Years of Near-Death Experience Research
Houston, Texas: Oct 25-28

The Skeptical Observer
Skeptical Investigations

Mediums at Lily Dale

'Near death' has biological basis
BBC News

> Sleep Aberration May Play Role in Near-Death Experience
MedPage Today

> Are near-death experiences a dream?
Nature magazine

> Light at end of the tunnel over near death experiences

> Near-Death Experience: Find Out if You're a Candidate
Live Science

> US team explains near death experiences
The Register

The police, the Australian PM and the psychic
The Age

Foundation Celebrates President's 90th Birthday
Parapsychology Foundation

The Term "Parapsychology"
PF Lyceum Blog

Debating the reality of ESP
Daily Evergreen

A Review of Entangled Minds, and a response
Dean Radin Blog

The Ouija Debate - Portal to evil or harmless game?
About Paranormal

Phantom or Fraud to undertake physical mediumship experiment
Phantom or Fraud

Prayer doesn't affect heart patients

4th Year for
Special Announcement



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