These Mysterious People

Nandor Fodor

Publisher: Rider & Co.

Published: 1934

Pages: 238

Availability: Out of Print


1. Riding the Air

2. Competing with the Cheshire Cat
Story of Madame Elizabeth d'Esperance

3. The Voice of Confucius
Story of George Valiantine

4. A Martian Revelation
Story of Helene Smith

5. How Sir William Crookes came to Believe in Spirits
Story of Florence Cook

6. Strange Beasts from the Beyond
Story of Franek Kluski

7. His Body was Autographed by Invisible People
Story of Charles Foster

8. Visions and Predictions of the Poughkeepsie Seer
Story of Andrew Jackson Davis

9. Waking up and Saving the Lost Souls of the Dead
Story of Dr. and Mrs. Carl A. Wickland

10. He Who was Twins
Story of Francis Monck

11. The Ghost Story which Started Spiritualism
Story of the Fox Sisters

12. The Mouthpiece of one of the Three Wise Men
Story of David Duguid

13. The Chosen Vessel of Malachais the Prophet
Story of the Rev. William Stainton Moses

14. She Convinced Sir Oliver Lodge of Survival
Story of Mrs. Leonore Piper

15. The Medium of Kings and the Kings of Mediums
Story of D. D. Home

16. Reading the Newspaper Before it is Printed
Story of Mrs. Osborne Leonard

17. From Medium to Genius
Story of Jess Francis Grierson Shepard

18. She was Tortured by Demons
Story of Esther Cox

19. Witchcraft Made Science
Story of Eusapia Paladino

20. He Convinced Gladstone of the Supernormal
Story of William Eglinton

21. Possessed of the Power Over the Soul of Things
Story of Stanislawa Tomczyk

22. Being the Instrument of "Spirit Magic"
Story of the Davenport Brothers

23. Finger-printing the Spirits of the Dead
Story of Mrs. Margery Crandon

24. Tested by Infra-red Photography
Story of Rudi Schneider

25. The Spirit which made a "Talkie"
Story of Mrs. Meurig Morris



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