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New Developments in Research on Mediumship by D. Scott Rogo

Mediumship and the Case for Survival by D. Scott Rogo

Cross-correspondences by D. Scott Rogo

The Case of James Kidd by D. Scott Rogo

The Foundations of Survival Research by D. Scott Rogo

Apparitions and the Case for Survival by D. Scott Rogo

Thoughts on the Decline of Major Paranormal Phenomena by Ian Stevenson

Chris Carter Rebuts Keith Augustine's attack of "Does Consciousness depend on the Brain?" by Chris Carter

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The Gold Leaf Lady and Other Parapsychological Investigations

"This book isn't just good, it's excellent. Stephen Braude is at the top of the intellectual food chain in the study of paranormal phenomena, an accomplished philosopher of science who brings his first-rate intellect to bear in a fair and deep treatment of the supernatural. Replete with personal accounts and anecdotes from his many investigations, The Gold Leaf Lady is a riveting read, a tour through the paranormal that both enchants and instructs us."
- Fred Frohock, author of Lives of the Psychics: The Shared Worlds of Science and Mysticism"

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