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Prof. Albert Baron von Schrenck-Notzing

with Eva Carriere, materialisation medium

Photograph 1

Here we see the materialisation medium "Eva C" producing ectoplasm - or "teleplasm", as it is often referred to - under controlled test conditions.

Those present at this experiment, carried out 13th March 1911, included Mme. Bisson, Bisson's sister, Prof. Charles Richet, M. de Fontenary and Prof. Schrenck-Notzing.

"Sceptics" often complain that genuine psychic phenomena has not been repeated in any laboratory anywhere in the world - therefore science can not accept it.

However, the vast majority are completely unaware that in Prof. Schrenck-Notzing's book "Phenomena of Materialisation" there are some 225 ectoplasmic photographs - all performed under strict controlled test conditions. This does not include the experiments carried out by scientists such as Dr. Charles Richet, Sir William Crookes, Dr. T. Glen Hamilton, Dr. Gustave Geley, Dr. W. J. Crawford, to name a few.

In the photograph below, Eva C's left hand is being held by Dr. Charles Richet and her right by Prof. Schrenck-Notzing.


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