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Prof. Gustave Geley

Etheric Photography

Photograph 3

The portrait of a lady can be seen overshadowing Prof. Geley (left). She was identified as an associate of Stanley De Brath and his wife for seventeen years, who had been deceased for six years at the time the photograph was taken.

In his book Psychical Research, Science and Religion, Stanely De Brath says, "This photograph did not reproduce any existing photograph but was instantly recognised by five persons who had known her well, including her own brother, a non-spiritualist and sceptically disposed". (Pg. 41)

De Brath also says, "I certify that this photograph was taken at Crewe by Mr Hope (medium), Nov 1919, on plates bought in London same day, opened by me and signed, not lost sight of during the whole process. Recognised by the lady's brother (non-spiritualist) and by three intimate friends. She "died" Aug, 1913. There is no similar portrait extant. S. De Brath. M.Inst.C.E"


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