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Christopher Chacon

     AN EXPERIENCED and knowledgeable researcher on the investigation and research of psychic and parapsychological phenomena, as well as an expert on mysticism, metaphysics and obscure occult practices and rituals.

Born on Christmas Day in a small central California country town, Chaconís first experiences with metaphysics began as a child when he was specially trained and educated in ancient Mayan mysticism that was handed down in his family from one generation to the next. Also an artist and entertainer, Chacon became a magician at the age of four, eventually performing to international audiences while still in high school. By the time he graduated from college, in addition to being a master illusionist, he was also an accomplished filmmaker and theatrical stageĖplay writer/director.

In the early 1980ís, Chacon teamed up with Parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach and together formed a research team to investigate parapsychological and psychic phenomena.

In 1989, Chacon was recruited by The Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.), a well-funded private scientific organization with the sole purpose of assessing parapsychological and paranormal phenomena worldwide. It was O.S.I.R.ís advanced scientific training that additionally equipped Chacon with the skills to explore the vast amount of psychic and parapsychological phenomena he would encounter.

Chacon travelled the world investigating and researching thousands of cases dealing with altered-states of consciousness and parapsychological and psychic phenomena, including; clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near death experiences, reincarnation, precognition, psychometry, remote-viewing, bi-location, channelling, mediumship and astral projection. He has also investigated thousands of cases of supernatural phenomena, including; possessions and exorcisms, haunts and poltergeists, miracles and manifestations of divine intervention. Additionally, Chacon has ventured on many expeditions, archaeological explorations and field research in various parts of the world involving ancient mysticism, metaphysical archaeological finds and obscure supernatural/occult practices.

Because of Chaconís experience in confidentially investigating and researching psychic phenomena, he continues to be inundated with requests for help and assistance from private individuals of all walks of life, celebrities, dignitaries, government agencies, corporations and high-ranking officials from all religions.

Recognized as an authority, Chacon has been featured on countless TV and radio shows, including, "Unsolved Mysteries", "Sightings", "Dateline", "National Geographic Explorer", "The Other Side", "Eye to Eye with Connie Chung", "Discovery Channel", "The Tom Snyder Show", "20/20", "NBC, FOX, ABC, BBC and Japanís Nippon Network News".

Chacon was additionally a member of The American Society of Psychical Research, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Society for Scientific Exploration, Federation of American Scientists, The New York Academy of Sciences and The Center for Science Education.

Besides his work in parapsychology and psychic research, Chacon makes his living as a Creator/Writer, Director, Executive Producer and Performer for television, motion pictures and live-stage theatrical productions. When not working in entertainment or parapsychology, Chacon is involved with several humanitarian and environmental causes. He currently resides along Californiaís central coast.

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