Stanislawa Tomczyk

Stanislawa Tomczyk

          POLISH MEDIUM, the subject of Dr. Julien Ochorowicz's experiments in 1908-9 at Wisla, Poland. She was regularly hypnotised by Dr. Ochorowicz for therapeutic purposes and was controlled by an entity "Little Stasia." She could produce movements without contact, stop the movement of a clock in a glass case and influence a roulette to the extent that the numbers chosen by the medium turned up more often than justified by chance. Dr. Ochorowicz concluded that the physical movements are performed by rigid rays projecting from the fingers of the medium.

Little Stasia was a mischievous entity who played many tricks on the medium. She said herself that she was not the spirit of any dead person. The medium considered her, at first, as her double. This was Dr. Ochorowicz's opinion, too, until he was shaken in this view by having obtained Little Stasia's photograph, as announced by her, in an empty room, with all light excluded, while the medium in a normal condition was with him in an adjoining room.

Prof. Theodore Flournoy witnessed a sťance in Paris in 1909. It left him "in no doubt as to the reality of simple telekinesis." At. a later series of sťances at Geneva to which, besides Flournoy, Professors Clarapede, Cellerier, Batelli and Flournoy's son were invited, the expectations of the sitters were not fulfilled.

In 1910 Stanislawa Tomczyk was investigated at the Physical Laboratory in Warsaw by a group of scientists. She produced remarkable physical phenomena under strict test conditions. Baron Schrenck Notzing described experiments in his Physikalische Phenomene des Mediumismus, Munchen, 1920. Prof. Richet quotes his own observations in Thirty Years of Psychical Research.

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).



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