Franek Kluski (Teofil Modrzejewski)

          A DISTINGUISHED Polish professional man, a poet and a writer whose remarkable physical powers co-exist with intellectual psychic gifts. He was born in 1874. As a child of five or six he had presentiments, visions of distant events and saw phantoms. He thought them natural and talked with them familiarly.

In 1919 he attended a sťance of Jan Guzik. His gifts were discovered. It annoyed him at first, but curiosity prevailed and he consented to experiments. All phases of physical phenomena developed, topped with materialisation, during which, like Mme. d'Esperance, he retained consciousness.

For scientific research he placed himself readily at the disposition of the Polish SPR and of the Institut Metapsychique of Paris, where his first sittings took place in 1920, in the presence of Prof. Charles Richet, Count de Grammont and Gustave Geley. The paraffin casts of materialised limbs made in these sťances are almost the best objective evidences of supernormal power ever produced. A curious feature of his materialisation sťances was the appearance of animal forms. Geley considered Kluski as a universal medium, a king among his contemporaries. He found his clairvoyance which was manifest in his automatic scripts almost terrifying.

Col. Norbert Ocholowicz published in 1926 a book in Polish on Kluski's mediumship.

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).



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