Dennis Bradley

          BRITISH AUTHOR born in 1878. Claims direct voice mediumship which he developed after his experiences in the phenomenon with George Valiantine in America. The story of his first sittings and Valiantine's first visit to Britain is told in his Towards the Stars, 1924. His second volume, The Wisdom of the Gods, 1925, narrates Valiantine's second visit and gives an account of the author's own sťances at which many prominent people attended. He was approached by the SPR for test sittings. On the advice of his controls he refused. Later he declared open enmity to the SPR, resigned his membership and issued, in March, 1931, a pamphlet of indictment. Of Valiantine's mediumship he was the greatest propagandist and champion. He cleared him of three exposure charges, to launch finally the most serious accusation himself in - and After, published in October, 1931. His enthusiasm has considerably abated. In an interview to The Daily Express, October 8th, 1931, he declared that the general tendency of spiritualism in its present public form is towards evil, as a religion it is a farce, nevertheless "genuine phenomena do occur and genuine communication with spirit entities is, in certain cases, possible and practicable."

Source (with minor modifications): An Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science by Nandor Fodor (1934).



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