The Survival of Man

Sir Oliver Lodge

Publisher: Methuen

First Published: 1909

Pages: 240

Availability: Out of Print

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- Section One: Aims and Objects of Psychical Research -

Chapter 1

The Origin of the Society for Psychical Research

Chapter 2

Practical Work of the Society


- Section Two: Experimental Telepathy or Thought-Transference -

Chapter 3

Some Early Experiments in Thought Transference

Chapter 4

Further Experiments in Telepathy

Chapter 5

Spontaneous Cases of Thought-Transference

Chapter 6

Applied Telepathy


- Section Three: Spontaneous Telepathy and Clairvoyance -

Chapter 7

Apparitions Considered in the Light of Telepathy

Chapter 8

Telepathy from an Immaterial Region

Chapter 9

Examples of Apparent Clairvoyance

Chapter 10



- Section Four: Automatism and Lucidity -

Chapter 11

Automatic Writing and Trance Speech

Chapter 12

Personal Identity

Chapter 13

Beginning of the Case of Mrs. Piper

Chapter 14

Professor William James's Testimony

Chapter 15

The Author's First Report on Mrs. Piper

Chapter 16

Extracts from Piper Sittings

Chapter 17

Discussion of Piper Sittings

Chapter 18

Summary of Dr. Hodgson's Views

Chapter 19

More Recent Piper Sittings. General Information

Chapter 20

Waking Stage

Chapter 21

General Remarks on the Piper Sittings

Chapter 22

Illustrations of Manner

Chapter 23

Brief Summary of Other Experiences and Comment Thereupon

Chapter 24

Introduction to the Study of Cross-Correspondence

Chapter 25

Tentative Conclusion


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