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New Theory on the Creation of the Universe

Summary of a theory from Ron Pearson

 - Rory Macquisten -

The following is a shortened and condensed summary of Ron Pearson’s new theory on the creation of the Universe. It has been written as an aid to understanding and not as a full and exact scientific explanation and readers wanting such should go on to read Ron’s own work. Details of this can be found in the literature list at the end.

          Ron’s background to this subject is both impeccable and fortunate. He is a retired University lecturer in Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics and has spent the last 16 years studying and researching Maths, Cosmology and Physics. Very few people in the world have managed to acquire this range of knowledge in their lifetime and more importantly very few people have been able to bring the logical thinking found within Engineering to the world of Mathematical theory, Quantum mechanics and Relativity.

The net result of all that was that when Ron began to look at the Big Bang theory of the creation of the Universe, he was startled to find it to be built upon faulty logic and even typographical error.

He even pointed out several flaws to well known cosmologists like Professor Paul Davis. Prof. Davis was so impressed with his technique he even asked him for his own views on the subject! Such was the brilliance of Ron’s new theory that Paul Davies was unable to report back of any flaw in his reasoning.

Even Sir Roger Penrose has read Ron’s work and after repeated calls to critique it has failed to come back reporting any flaws in his argument! (You can bet that if there was a flaw that it would have been pointed out with a degree of pleasure)

Unfortunately the new theory was one that seemed to upset mainstream scientists. The reason for this we will find out later.

The biggest dilemmas found in Physics today revolves around fitting together things that have been observed on the very small scale and things that have been observed on the very large scale.

From the large scale viewpoint things like planets and solar systems seemed to move in a manner that was relative to each other. This is both measureable and predictable. However on the small, subatomic level, the atoms and molecules that make up the matter around us seemed to move in a random and unpredictable manner. The question was how was this possible, especially as everything seems to coexist in a form of harmony around us.

Physicists and Mathematicians have long toiled over how the large-scale phenomena of Relativity could fit in with the small-scale phenomena of Quantum mechanics.

Since some observations, made earlier in the last century surrounding planetary movement, seemed to prove Einstein’s theory of Relativity, nearly all the world’s top scientists spent their time trying to adapt the theory of Quantum Mechanics. After over 80 years of trying to combine the two (a situation which is supposed to have occurred at the beginning of time), they have still not managed to come up with one unified theory for how the Universe began. Despite this we are being asked to believe in a creation that began with a Big bang where all the physical matter in the Universe was created in that one instant! As you will read, this extremely weak theory has been built upon faulty logic and ridiculous maths.

An example of this is the fact that recent observations of some stars have dated them at an older age than the date the Big Bang was supposed to have started. One has to ask how this could be possible as it takes a long time for stars to form in the first place, even under the old theory.

Perhaps the biggest and most ridiculous side to the theory is something called the Cosmological constant. If you can imagine the beginning as it is suggested to be, then you have a massive expansion of newly formed matter in all directions at an incredible speed. The force behind this had to have been huge. However for matter to have the time and possibility of coming together sufficiently to form stars and planets, you need to somehow switch off this initial Big Bang. If you cannot switch it off, then matter cannot go on to form galaxies etc. As by way of an explanation the scientists introduced a fudge factor they called a cosmological constant. This constant allowed for the initial expansion in the Big Bang to go through some kind of phase change and slow down. The force required to do this was high so the ‘fudge factor’ was correspondingly high. In time it was expected that with increasingly large clusters of matter there would be increasing gravity and therefore eventually all matter would collapse in on itself. Ever increasing gravity forces, supposedly found in areas they call ‘Black Holes’ would grow and grow and after an eternity the Universe was supposed to go on and disappear into a Big Crunch! (Black Holes, made popular by recent films, are still only theory as well. Observations have been made and scientists have said that the cause of these observations could well be Black Holes – However no conclusive proof can be offered that these definitely exist!)

Unfortunately for these scientists back in 1998 observations made of some exploding stars in a far part of the visible Universe showed that the Universe was continuing to expand at an ever-increasing rate. In other words there could be no Big Crunch. It also meant that shutting off the initial Big bang (for matter to have a chance of coming together) required an even bigger Cosmological Constant. It was now a figure of 10 to power of 120. This is more than the supposed numbers of atoms in the Universe! The Constant was now a figure that was so large it might as well be meaningless and you have to remember that this was originally a fudge factor. Ask any mainstream scientist today and you will not receive a sensible reply, or even a reply at all, to this problem.

Having recognised all these problems, Ron decided that instead of looking at Quantum mechanics, he should turn his attention to Relativity. If he could come up with a theory that worked without all the Big Bang’s flaws and inconsistencies, and one that also measured up to all the observations that seemed to go to prove the Relativity theory, then he would have a viable alternative.

And this is exactly what he did. However to do this he had to go back to the maths and physics fully established by Sir Isaac Newton and then extend some of the rules and principles found their to cover his new ideas. The problem was that this meant that Relativity theory had to go, along with Black Holes and their associated phenomena. This is what upset so many scientists who had staked their careers and a large part of their lives in these areas. (It is not much fun to find that your life’s work has resulted in a dead end and ultimately wrong. It’s also not financially good for large research institutions either!)

One of the other features about Ron’s work was that it also seemed to offer a rational explanation for a whole host of psychic phenomena like survival after death. Ron’s theory was given a further boost by a new link having been found between Eastern philosophy and Western science. This link, discovered by Rory Macquisten, showed that the Universal life force (called Ki, Chi etc.) was exactly the same as quantum gravity. Many forms of psychic phenomena are based around the concept of this universal energy and the fact that it is now firmly linked to gravity is extremely supportive of Ron’s theory as his also centres around a quantum wave theory of Gravity.

Ron’s theory starts with the concept that there is state of Zero (a form of nothingness) which could be considered as being composed of two opposite energy states (like a positive plus 1 and negative minus 1). From out of this zero state these two initial internal opposite states separated apart and then came together again in a collision.

(Every theory of creation has to begin somewhere (even the Big bang) and this concept of separation and collision is something Quantum Theorists are quite at home with as it is a method used by them to explain several things.)

Ron termed these two initial energy states ‘Primaries’ (He even postulated that they could be the same as the Yin and Yang found within Eastern Philosophy). They were not identical but actually both opposite and complementary to each other. The different nature of the two meant that strange things happened when a collision between the two occurred. It was this strangeness that lead to a slow, gradual and increasing expansion. Primaries were able to interact with a series of collisions and produce a net increase in energy and more primaries. These in turn collided with more primaries and the net gain continued.

However according to the existing laws of Physics (laws have often been made by scientists over the past centuries and have often had to be changed), this should not be possible. The law of the Conservation of Energy says that this cannot happen. Ron however counters this argument by stating that with these two primaries, one behaves in an abnormal and opposite manner. During a collision between the two opposite, but yet still complementary primaries new phenomena would be observed and because of this the laws need to be adapted to take this into account. (For a more precise explanation of how this works see the Summary of Ron’s work under the revision of the Big Bang theory on the website

The end result of all this, with many primaries and continuous collisions, is that in some areas of space you get total annihilation and in others a form of ‘breeding’ of the energies producing areas of solid energy and overall there is net energy gain. If you imagine this occurring in a 3 dimensional way, what happens is that you would expect to find small, short filaments of solid primary energy beginning to occur. In fact after a while you would find a tangled mass of short filaments of solid energy. These filaments would sometimes end connected to another filament and sometimes end unconnected. These solid filaments would allow the energy itself to travel down them instantaneously rather like an electric current in a vast network of switches (open and closed filaments).

It is this filamentous grid like system that Ron believes could expand and progress rather like the beginnings of a giant computer system. Gradually from out of the chaos of the network of filaments a form of coherence and sense began to develop. (Chaos theory itself suggests that this is entirely possible). In other words, from out of the early energy passing through the grid of filaments a degree of computation began to occur and with it the beginnings of intelligence (Scientists seem to have no dispute with this concept). With more time this intelligence grew and a form of consciousness evolved. Consciousness now began to take a form of control over its own destiny and it found that by directing waves of energy they could be made to interact in such a way as to produce a peak of energy. The analogy used is the effect of throwing two pebbles in a pond at the same time. Where the ripples from the two pebbles cross, you get a spike of water. It is suspected that in this same way two waves of energy could produce a peak of energy and this might well cause the illusion of matter. The first matter that would have been produced would have been a subatomic particle like an electron. Particles created in this way could then go on to interact and form larger types of matter in a manner seen and explained by conventional theories of physics. According to Ron the waves of energy equate to waves of gravity and he calls his theory the Quantum wave theory of Gravity.

All this puts a date on the origin of the Universe at about 100 Billion years old. This easily accommodates the stars that currently date older than the old big bang theory.

Having provided a very reasonable explanation for the creation of the Universe, Ron had seemed to also produce an explanation for a form of intelligence behind the Universe. He called this the iether, an intelligent Ether, where the Ether is a form of background medium found throughout space. However the Ether, as a concept it had been discarded long ago by mainstream scientists, appeared to contradict Einstein’s laws of Relativity. Einstein himself though was uncomfortable with this and spent many years later in his life trying to introduce the Ether into his theories. On his seventieth birthday he was also known to have written to a friend saying that he wasn’t happy with his life’s work and that he could well have been on the wrong track after all. The old experiment that seemed to disprove the Ether is now known to be wrong. More recent ones clearly identify that it must exist. (The Michaelson-Morley experiment done with lasers is supposed to show an apparent speed of the Earth through an Ether. This was measured as Zero – therefore there can be no Ether. This type of experimental apparatus though has recently been shown to be invalid in determining the speed – see a website by Harold Aspden that shows up some of the flaws of current scientific thinking.)

Accepting the iether as the intelligence behind the Universe leads to many other questions and in particular how we ourselves interact with it.

One of the strong viewpoints that conventional scientists like to hold is that the mind and the body are inextricably linked together and that when you die that is it (see the book review below and you will know that our minds definitely survive after death). The dualist model, started by the philosopher René Décartes, suggested that the Mind and the Body are separate altogether and that after death – the mind lives on. The iether would tend to support this last model. Our minds are either part of the iether, form part of it, or are closely linked to it. Much research in this area still needs to be done.

Ron Pearson’s theory also gives us a model for various forms of psychic phenomena. In his theory all matter is really an illusion. It only appears real to us because, normally, our senses cannot differentiate between one illusion of reality and another. The matter we sense around us would appear to vibrating at a frequency our minds can easily recognise and pick up. The mind might also be able to pick up matter that exists on a different frequency. An analogy is that our minds could operate rather like a T.V. We are currently all tuned into one broadcasting channel even though the aerial picks up all channels. Those of us who learn to mentally change channels (psychics?) can pick up other things and perhaps see beings living in another existence in the same area of space as ourselves.

As we now know, from repeated scientific experiments, that we all survive after death and continue on to live another existence, it could be that on death our mind lives on and retunes into a different matter frequency (or broadcasting channel to use the same analogy). Ron’s theory can account for this as the iether would be quite capable of recreating another illusion of matter on a separate frequency that would appear very real to those people living on that level of existence. This would give us a reasonable scientific explanation for survival after death. Our minds would seem to have an ability to interact with the iether and are quite probably a portion of the iether itself. The iether and its 3-D filamentous grid can also explain how healers heal people. It would appear that a healer has less of a perceptual barrier in their heads and can communicate more directly with this Universal consciousness. As the iether constructs matter and as it has huge computational power and memory, it could easily be programmed to reconstruct a persons matter system in a more effective and healthy manner. Healers may also get help in doing this by working alongside people on different matter systems with different wavelengths. Together, their ability to tap into the programming power of the grid, and the overlying iether, could enable a person to become a new and better matter system. This could even happen over a long distance.

The speed of propagation of information is no longer limited, as in relativity, by the speed of light. Indeed it can travel instantly along the filaments. With two people being able to tap into the iether, telepathy could result. The better people are at lowering their inhibitory mental barriers, the more psychic they are and the better they could be at it. Ron has already shown that it might be possible to communicate at speeds of ten times the currently considered constant speed of light. Mind over matter, like bending spoons can also be explained with Ron’s theory. As the grid creates matter as an illusion, tapping into the grid by lowering our barriers should allow us to recreate this illusion. Of course this then appears to us as real.

As with all good theorists, Ron has devised eight experiments that can be easily undertaken that will prove or disprove his theory. The cheapest of these costs around £15,000 whilst others involve experiments done in space. It is now only a matter of time before the world will know if he is right. If he is, and at the moment it is looking odds on, he will severely upset the scientific establishment. 

The most recent evidence to suggest that Ron Pearson might well be right has come from gravity measurements taken at depth down a borehole through the ice in the Greenland Ice Sheet. Results from this experiment seem to show that gravity does not conform to its expected readings as you get nearer the centre of the Earth. Mark Anders and the other scientists that carried out the survey said that the readings were only going to fit the expected model if there was an anomalously high density area of rock beneath the bottom of the borehole. Although highly unlikely, this has been known to occur in just 2 other areas in the world. The variation of the measurements err on the high side, which is exactly what you would expect if Ron’s theory was correct. More analysis of the figures is currently underway as they may well provide conclusive proof Ron is right. 

To be a true scientist is to be truth seeker, unfortunately positions of power and the fear of peer review close the minds that once were previously open. In the years that Ron has been trying to put forward his theories for discussion and publication he has witnessed all these things. Finding no one daring to publish his papers in this country, Ron has had to address his scientific audience in Europe and Russia. Here his theories were given time and print and it was here that he received great accolades for them. For now though it is up to you to draw your own conclusions. 

A recorded interview with Ron Pearson is available from M.10 Services, P.O.Box 7, Exmouth, Devon. EX8 5YT Send £10.00 for Tapes. To buy the book by Rory Macquisten called ‘The Celtic Kingfisher’ & ‘The Key to the Secrets of the Ancients’ in which Eastern philosophy is linked to Western Science please send a Cheque for £15.00 to the above address as well. 

For further information and publications contact Micheal Roll, 28 Westerleigh Rd, Downend, Bristol, BS16 6AH. Tel. 0117 956 1960 or

Available works by Ron Pearson include:-

1. Intelligence behind the Universe. £8.50

2. Origin of Mind £3.00

3. Key to Consciousness: Quantum Gravitation. £1.56

4. Three predictions from Quantum Gravity £0.78

5. A revision of Big Bang cosmology reveals a theory for Free- Energy £2.00

(All these contain the mathematics that back up his theory)

“A man who thinks they are an expert is a man who has stopped thinking.” - Frank White

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