Carlos Alvarado

Carlos Alvarado

     CARLOS S. Alvarado, Ph.D., is a past president (1995) and President-Elect (2002-2003) of the Parapsychological Association. He has conducted research on the psychology and the features of out-of-body experiences (and other parapsychological phenomena) in Puerto Rico, Scotland and in the United States. Alvarado is also known for his reviews of the historical literature of the field. He is currently working at the Parapsychology Foundation, where he is the Chairman of Domestic and International Programs, the series editor of the Foundation's Parapsychological Monographs and the Associate Editor of the International Journal of Parapsychology.


Articles by Carlos Alvarado on this website:

The Concept of Survival of Bodily Death and the Development of Parapsychology



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