Zoar, or the Evidence of Psychical Research Concerning Survival

W. H. Salter

Publisher: Sidgwick and Jackson, London

Published: 1961

Pages: 238

Availability: Out of Print

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: The Scope of Psychical Research and the Nature of the Evidence

Chapter 3: Apparitions

Chapter 4: Apparitions: Some Special Types

Chapter 5: Haunts and Poltergeists

Chapter 6: Materialisations

Chapter 7: Ecstasy and Inspiration

Chapter 8: Dissociation

Chapter 9: The Controls of Mediums

Chapter 10: Communications through Mediums. I: As affected by Normal Causes

Chapter 11: Communications through Mediums. II: As affected by Paranormal Faculties of the Living

Chapter 12: Communications through Mediums. III: Limited Scope of these Causes and Faculties

Chapter 13: Cross-correspondences

Chapter 14: Cross-correspondences: New Evidence

Chapter 15: To What does the Evidence Point?

Chapter 16: Zoar: "Is it not a Little One?"



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